She keeps coasting her fingers over the ugly stretch marks.

She listens to the deep breathing of the baby cocooned in her heat.

She sits looking at the little pieces of herself all night sometimes…

while sometimes she also misses her sharp Body curves

She smiles in the dark at the peculiarity of it all. One moment she was about to fly for a vacation with Darling Husband and the next thing she knew was she didn’t get her period. In a state of panic and nervous excitement, she ended up taking a pregnancy test in the toilet of the clinic where she had bought the test from. Somehow, she didn’t end up feeling crazy and lost like she thought she would. She was the epitome of calmness following the stunning realization that in the world of black and white, she knew it was the rainbow she had been looking for, lurking in her womb..

That was the start of my motherhood. The day 2 little chickpeas started growing inside me, I could feel the power of Unconditional Love. It was a difficult pregnancy with lots of Ups and Downs but with every ‘Up’ I was happier and with every ‘Down’ I became stronger and more positive to bring them to this world in best of health.

When Pooja told me about this Wonderful Blog Train she was hosting on my favourite topic. I was all excited and decked up to board over. Thanks Karuna from Name Place Animal Thing  to give me a hand to board the Train. I ab loved her Story


MnM (Meher n Myrah) are about to turn 3 and these 3 years I have discovered a whole new self. If I turn back few pages of my life, I see a completely different person narrated there.I have changed a lot but major changes are like:

  • Changed Perspective:

For 10 years I stayed away from my parents, so I have been a tough and self dependent person who could eat or drink anything and everything. Infections, travel dangers and all looked mere talks to me.

All of sudden, this perspective changed with kids. Suddenly Maggie or Canned Juices became so unhealthy. Something that falls on floor is like a bomb now. All healthy foods are now my best admired bunch. It hurts me deep if they fall, It tears me if they get sick. The injections have become so painful from last couple of years.

That’s Motherhood.. a part of your heart is roaming out of your body and all we do is to look after that part , to make sure its healthy ad happy.

  • Making A Little Peace with Life.

My mom is very near to a OCD mindset. Too perfect with everything. Anyone drops to her place unannounced also, the house is in perfect shape and you are greeted very warmly with a smile. So I always wanted to achieve everything as perfect as hers.

But with kids now, I have made that peace with life. I am fine if my house is a mess , I am fine if a day food is not so well cooked and I am fine now if I look like a scary movie actress. I am OK with little this and that , with a little imperfection and with a little less glamour in myself and in others too. That’s what is my next biggest change.

  • I Do Not JUDGE anymore:

Being a mom brought this most beautiful change in me. The world is so much better place now in my eyes. I somehow understand the fact that everyone deals with a lot in their daily routine. Bringing up a baby and then dealing with rest of the world in so overwhelming sometimes. So at least we can spare the judging and Let people be.

  • Priority Shift:

From a party loving person to a Movie Marathon at home

From a all time ready look to a messy bun look.

From a working Girl to a Stay At Home Mom

From a Hard Core self-shopper to an online shopper for kids

So many changes happened but all happily and effortlessly. None of these happened with any compromise. This is what I love now. Looking at babies enjyoing movie in my lap is more fun then to leave them home and go out alone

Don’t you think, Its so beautiful to be a mother. The changes that happen are all we embrace. Blissfully unaware, my babies are growing in beautiful GIRLS. They lie beside me, taking away as much warmth as they can, snuggle deep and float away like a balloon on a mission amongst the blurred colors behind their eyelids. On some nights, I watch them lying on their chest, occasionally breaking air in sleep, snoring with mouth open, yawning and then slipping back to sleep.

I think I will never allow a moment of insecurity or doubt to creep into there consciousness. To bring them up as good human beings, who are content with what they have. I wish GOD grants me that much wisdom and strength.


That was my little piece on How I think I have changed after being a mother. There are many more moms who are sharing their stories.

I am part of this blog train started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies and she has networked to bring together 41 moms across the GLOBE. (Meet the 41 moms here. Pooja has also shared her own perspective on this here.


Next Mom boarding this train is Neha who is a beautiful soul with a little baby boy and has amazing website Sharing Our Experiences where we can find answer to almost everything that we look for during parenting.

Happy Reading!!

25 thoughts on “Motherhood changed me in an Better Person…

  1. For most people they start being more competitive & judge more after they become a parent. Good to know that you do not judge anymore after becoming a parent. I wish the whole world stopped judging each other making it such a happy place to live in!

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  2. Misha, motherhood is so magical that we are ready to best any kind of pain. We just want best for our kid’s. I liked your words in the last paragraph. “To bring them up as good human beings, who are content with what they have.”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You seem to have enjoyed the pregnancy period well, this is a rare quality these days. I know people complaining from the first month. Judging is one thing I have totally left and agree that no one should be judged either. lucky children

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Coincidentally, I too found out about my pregnancy on the day we were scheduled to fly to Italy, France and Germany! And guess what, we had to cancel our trip because my gynaecologist advised I stayed in Singapore due to a complicated pregnancy. Oh those memories definitely came flooding in reading your post!

    I am on the blog train as well and will be publishing my post on 25th of October! Follow me at and!

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