Few days back when I got to know about this Blogathon, what fascinated me most were the Topics covered. Agreed, Freedom as a topic to talk or write about is a bit cliché, but not when you talk about freedom of self…


By freedom of self I certainly do not mean how society judges others, how people look at us or how someone else pin points at us. What bothers me is how we think we are, how we look at ourself and our self perception.

Seduced with the Idea of being free, I promise to love myself. Even though at times my mind still wanders and tries every possible way to pull me back to those dark places I once was at. Dark places that still call for me against my will as to how I want to live my life. But yet again, the wild heart finds its ways to reach out where it wants to be.

I believe, If we dream, imagine & believe in ourself, experiment, understand, hope, love, we can have all that’s needed to survive and thrive. The prisons that we build around ourselves are the ones that bind us.
Truly believing in our own self is the only way to get free from every prison, every boundary and expectation.
Relationships are made to feel supported and loved but we cage them in wires of expectations, ropes of desires and lot many complaints. Staying happy with ourselves makes it much easier for us and for the world to accept, live and stay happy.

I dream of the time when I can live with an absolute free mind. Mind free from what they think of me, free from what I expect from them and free from the unseen horrors of what will happen in future.
I dream to live today, with a happy self .

I dream to shine so bright.. that those around me are enlightened too.

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Archana  from The Indian Prenting Blog for introducing me, she wrote an awesome piece on Freedom from Opinions, check it HERE

I would now like to introduce Pradanya from  Mummying Aint Easy and recommend you to read her views on her Idea Of Freedom. right HERE

This blog is a part of a BLOGATHON





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