I read Somewhere…

“A new British survey has revealed that 9 out of 10 people like CHOCOLATES and The tenth lies.” 



Isn’t this so true. Chocolate is such a divine yet sinful indulgence to be in. I have been an addict since once upon a time and I guess me and chocolates can stay Happily Ever After.

Chocolate can define crux of life. If at all people could be so relaxing, so addictive and so not judging. Like chocolates do not ask questions and simple makes us feel good, I wish we had humans with that Aura. Well , I don’t think there is any other love I ll feel in this birth journey, the way I feel for chocolates.

I have been a person who survived only on 5 star and cold coffee for 2 months, literally not eating anything else. Even now chocolate is a part of my staple diet. Although due to some stupid promise I did to my Bestie. I am off chocolates till I get a fitass body.

Well.!! My true love will take me back I know, as I said. Chocolates Love Unconditionally.


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