I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.
Today’s prompt is “Write a letter to In-Laws/Parents/ Kids.” and so I am here writing a letter to My Grandmother in law who passed away few months back before I could tell her all that she meant to me.\

21751822_10154767927346957_5897348215378938966_n.jpgThe Last Pic we clicked together

Dear Badi Mummy

It was a little early you planned to move ahead, we were still not prepared and needed your Aura around us. There has not been a single day when I don’t miss you at least once. The presence you held in our lives was such that till date we can not accept that you are not around.

I wish I told you before that how much I loved you.

I wish I could tell you how I learnt to be so kind from you. I was not a bad person but You taught me how to be so considerate even to the strangers.

You taught me that No problem is so big that it can not be solved with Love, Compassion and Determination. You only made me realise,  how strongly will power works when it comes to defeat any obstacle. Be it your health, emotions or social pressures- everything can be solved if your heart decides so.

I could never deal with relations so selfless until I learnt that from you.

How could you store and then shower so much love all around you. There has never been anyone who affected my life, my mind and my soul so deep. Even though we had so much of age difference but the way you saw today, I could never see.

I miss you a lot, and so does almost everyone in family.

We know wherever you are, you are watching over us. I can’t even begin to thank you for all that you taught me, All the love you gave me, friendship you kept with me. The way you shaped me into the person that I am today. How much you have changed my life. And Thats how you will always always remain with me, alive in my heart and smiling as ever.

Love you always

Kanika (that’s what she called me)

I would like to thank Nisha Zaheer for introducing me. You can read her post here .
I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger  Nishtha, you can read her wonderful post on the prompt Here


5 thoughts on “Miss You Badi Mumma

  1. No matter how many hours we spent talking to them and learning from them, it’s all those unsaid words that keep haunting us when we think of them now. Love seems so complicated eventhoigh it is quite simple


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